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Many girls in India give up their education early. Pratham is giving these young women a Second Chance.

Obstacles like distance, cost, social pressure and cultural barriers often cause girls to drop out, especially in rural areas. Our program helps young women complete their secondary education, increasing their educational growth and employability.

Another Opportunity to Grow

Pratham's Second Chance Program focuses on giving girls who have dropped out of school another chance at education. The program focuses on the completion of Grade 10 and obtaining an academic certificate that may provide opportunities for educational growth and employability.


Why the Dropout Rate Is So High

Free education is guaranteed in India up until Grade 8. There are fewer secondary schools to choose from, so students who have fallen behind, do not have a school nearby, or cannot afford to further their education often drop out. Other social pressures, such as marriage, play a significant role in dropout rates, too.

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Our Two-Phase Program

Second Chance consists of a four-month Foundation Course, which covers studies like English, Mathematics, Language, Science and Life Skills. After that, students progress to the Main Course, where they prepare for the Board examination, the final step toward their the Grade 10 certificate. Development and enrichment activities are also organised, to impart health, childcare, technology and additional education

Our Impact in Numbers

Since its inception in 2011, over 27,000 girls have benefited from Pratham's Second Chance program across nine states in India. 17,134 students have appeared for the Board examinations, and 75% of students from the program pass.


Take Action

Can your organisation help with the Pratham cause?

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