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The Economist on Pratham's #TaRL approach

The Economist writes in a new article published April 8th, 2021 about Pratham's #TaRL ("Teaching at the Right Level") approach and the great work by our TaRL Africa government and NGO partners to tackle the #learningcrisis in multiple #African countries.-

Read more below (registration required):

"Catch-up classes of the sort running in Botswana offer an alternative approach. They borrow from a technique pioneered over two decades by Pratham, a big Indian NGO that has helped left-behind learners in South Asia.

Its model, known as Teaching at the Right Level (tarl), uses speedy oral tests to sort children in their last years of primary school into groups that match their learning levels, rather than their age. These groups commonly gather for one hour of each school day to practise either maths or reading. Alternatively children may attend intensive catch-up “camps”, which are repeated throughout the school year.

One such programme implemented a few years ago in Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, saw the share of children who could read a paragraph increase from 15% to 48% after 50 days of catch-up classes. That was twice as many readers as in a control group, who plodded on with their usual lessons."


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