#EveryPennyCounts: Donate to educate a child

The chairperson of Pratham AUS, Sarita Chand, recently contributed a piece to the Indus Age outlining who Pratham is and the work we are doing with Pratham AUS:

The Pratham Educational Foundation India (‘Pratham’ in short) is the largest NGO in India for education. It was founded on the belief that every child has the right to quality education. And that literacy is the first step (hence ‘Pratham’) to end the vicious cycle of poverty.

Pratham addresses a unique problem facing India: In one of the world’s largest economies, one-half of its 210 million children cannot read adequately. Without quality education, these children are vulnerable to child labor, child marriage, poverty, and exploitation. This is perhaps the greatest challenge facing India today.

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"Our vision is to end the cycle of poverty in India by providing access to education. Every Child In School & Learning Well. By building a stronger connection between Australia and India, we are changing the future for underprivileged children in India."

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