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By Email


You can contact the Executive Committee of Pratham AUS by sending an email to or filling in the details below and clicking "Send".














By Phone


If you need to speak to someone by phone, please contact Sarita Chand, Chairperson, on 0417 211 155, or Jill Weekes, Board Member, on 0412 366 406.


By Mail


If you would like to get in contact with Pratham AUS by mail, please send correspondence to:

Sarita Chand

C/O Pratham AUS

64 Maxwell Street

South Turramurra NSW 2074

© 2020 PRATHAM AUS is volunteer run, not-profit, charitable organisation. It is registered with the ACNC and ATO with a DGR 1 status.

WARNING: We have been alerted of an organization with a similar name to ours, Pratham Foundation ( The official websites for Pratham are in Australia, in the US and in India. Report any instance of representation by Pratham Foundation as, on behalf of, or in connection with Pratham or Pratham Australia at While we regret the inconvenience or confusion, neither Pratham Australia nor Pratham assumes any responsibility for losses caused or suffered due to the actions of Pratham Foundation.